Tax Foreclosure Properties


The Tax Foreclosure property sale takes place each year on the third Tuesday in November. The Williams County Board of County Commissioners have the right to set the price at market value or what is owed for back taxes.
To be eligible for purchase of property you must:
  • Register for the sale
  • Have all property taxes in ND paid in full
  • Must be present at time of sale or have representative
  • Must pay for property by 5 pm the day of the sale
  • Owners of properties taken in October have until the sale date to redeem. The IRS has the right to redeem property from the purchaser up to 120 days after sale. Properties are sold "AS IS" with no warranties expressed or implied. There is NO guarantee of marketability. It is the prospective purchaser's responsibility to inspect the property.  All sales are final.

There may be additional requirements needed to obtain mortgages or to sell property obtained by county deeds. CONTACT YOUR ATTORNEY to know what those requirements may be and what the additional costs may be incurred before you purchase.

More information about each parcel can be found by searching for its Tax Informationlocation, or its Property Card.

2020 Tax Foreclosure Sale Results

Legal DescriptionParcel NumberMarket ValueSold For
Lot 5 Block 2 FLATEN SUB DIV*40-155-00-12-02-025$41,100$25,824
L 1 Block 2 IRONWOOD ESTATES SUB40-155-00-40-02-005$790$4,000
L 2 Block 2 IRONWOOD ESTATES SUB40-155-00-40-02-010$832$4,600
L 3 Block 2 IRONWOOD ESTATES SUB40-155-00-40-02-015$802$5,500
L 4 Block 2 IRONWOOD ESTATES SUB*40-155-00-40-02-020$35,800$21,500
L 7 Block 2 IRONWOOD ESTATES SUB*40-155-00-40-02-035$36,212$16,500
MS15-0054 IN E2SE Sec 29 T155 R10252-155-02-00-29-025$7,146$25,200

*Sold via the County's Home Rule Charter Ordinance since they did not sell during the auction

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