Civil Process Division


The Williams County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division offers the following service:

  • Service of Civil and Criminal Process
  • Formal Court Ordered Evictions
  • Execution of Court Order

To ensure an efficient and timely service of documents, we require a complete street address, apartment number, valid telephone number and place of employment, if known. We are not able to serve a “PO Box.” Please visit the Master Address Viewer Map to assist in verifying the service address.

Documents will be served in accordance with the North Dakota Rules of Civil Process. We will try to accommodate individual states requirements (example: No Service on Sunday, Personal Service Only - No Dwelling Service Allowed) if indicated on the civil praecipe.

We will furnish an affidavit for every service request as outlines. To assist us in managing our workflow, we request that you do not email, fax, or call for service updates.


Service fees are charged per individual/business served. One mileage fee will be assessed when more than one individual is served at the same location during the same attempt. If personally/individual service only is required, mileage will be assessed per individual. All fees must be pre-paid and received with the documents to be served. We accept cash (in person only), checks, and money orders.

Please mail service requests to:

Williams County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Civil Process
223 E Broadway, Ste 301
Williston, ND 58801


If you would like a quote for service, need to provide us with additional information, or to cancel service please send an email to Attn: Civil Process.

Service Fees

  • As of August 1, 2021: $30.00 – Summons & Complaints, Civil Subpoena, Small Claims Affidavits, Disorderly Conduct Restraining Orders, and other general civil process requests
  • Fees for Execution on a case-by-case basis
    • *Applicable Commissions and other fees will be applied as required by law*
  • North Dakota Century Code 11-15

Administrative Fee

In addition to the above service fees, an additional Administrative Fee of $1.00 per individual/business served will be assessed to all requests.

Mileage Fee

In addition to the above service fees, additional mileage cost will apply. The following is to be used as a guideline:






Alamo $36.00 Tioga $50.00
Blacktail $25.00 Trenton $15.00
Epping $20.00 Wheelock $52.00
Grenora $45.00 Williston $15.00
McGregor $60.00 Wildrose $52.00
Ray $34.00 Zahl $34.00
Springbrook $15.00

Copy Fee



Copies requested to be made by office staff $2.00 per page
Faxed or Emailed service requests (prior approval required) $2.00 per page

Self Help Links

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