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Northwest Regional Crime Prevention

About Us

Picture of the state of North Dakota with the words "Northwest Regional Crime Prevention."Northwest Regional Crime Prevention (NWRCP) is comprised of the McKenzie County Sheriff's Office, Williams County Sheriff's Office, and the Williston Police Department.

NWRCP provides access to an anonymous tip line for citizens to provide vital information on crimes, criminals, or those engaging in illicit or criminal activity. The involvement of our citizens is crucial for solving crimes and keeping our community safe!

Keep these things in mind when submitting a tip:

  • This service is being provided to the public for non-emergency use only; tips may not be received by us until the following day.
  • In the event of an emergency, you should always contact 911. The tip line is not a replacement for emergency response
  • Anonymous tips can be reported via text message, with our app, or through a web-based application.  Messages can even include pictures and videos!
  • When a tip is submitted, it is sent to a 3rd party tip service, which acts as a privacy buffer between the sender and the NWRCP. The sender's identity and contact information are protected and are not provided to the NWRCP.

How to Submit a Tip

Option 1: Submit a Tip via Text Message

To send an anonymous tip via text message to the Northwest Regional Crime Prevention, text the keyword NWRCP (space) and your tip to 847411. Submitting a tip via text message allows you to anonymously converse with a law enforcement officer with NWRCP.

When the text message is sent to the NWRCP, the sender's cell phone number is completely anonymous and is never received by the NWRCP.

To send us an anonymous tip via text message, text the keyword NWRCP and your tip to 847411

Option 2: Download the NWRCP App

In addition to submitting tips, the NWRCP app provides alerts for important public safety matters. You can sign up for all NWRCP alerts or customize your alerts.

Option 3: Complete the Web Form

If you submit via the web form, please be sure to save/record your tip ID. You can use the ID to log into the Tip411 page to view feedback about your tip from the NWRCP as well as submit additional information. Picture or video attachments are permitted via the web form.

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