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The duties of the Williams County Weed Board are set forth in North Dakota Century Code Chapter 4.1-47 and include the duty to: implement a program for control of noxious weeds; provide for control of noxious weeds along county and township roads and along county highways; designate as noxious certain weeds not on the state noxious weed list; review noxious weed list.


Qualifications: A qualified elector who resides in Williams County
Compensation: $100 per meeting + actual expenses
Created by: N.D.C.C. ยง 4.1.-47-06
Members: 5
Length of Terms: 4 years


Member Name

Term Length

Term Ends

Mike Hanson, Chairman 4 Years 8/31/2024
David Telck
4 Years 8/31/2027
Andrew Sylte 4 Years 8/31/2027
Roger Baker 4 Years 8/31/2024
Corey Paryzek 4 Years 8/31/2022
Kelly Leo, Secretary

Recent Agendas

Point of Contact

Tom Leo, Weed Control Officer

P.O. Box 2047
Williston, ND 58802-2047

(701) 572-4883


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