FAQ Topic: Annexations FAQs

When do I find out if my annexation is approved or denied?

You will receive an answer to your petition from the Williams County Committee for School District Annexations, Dissolutions and Reorganizations the same day you attend the hearing. All documentary evidence from the hearing is recorded and sent to the North Dakota State Board of Education in Bismarck, ND. The State Board will either confirm or … Continued

What does a sample agenda for an Annexation Hearing look like?

(Name of Petition Carrier Family) Annexation Date Williams County Administration Building 1:00pm Introduction of Lawyer from the William’s County State Attorney’s Office a.) Determine if all the statutory requirements regarding the petition have been met. If no, the meeting is adjourned. If yes, the petition is deemed valid and the meeting continues.  Call to order … Continued

How is the annexation hearing conducted?

After submitting an Annexation Petition, you will need to attend a hearing with the Williams County Committee for School District Annexations, Dissolutions, and Reorganizations. Hearings are only held as needed and typically occur in the Williams County Administration Building. Hearings may involved testimony from those for and against your Annexation Petition. You are only permitted … Continued

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