How is the annexation hearing conducted?

After submitting an Annexation Petition, you will need to attend a hearing with the Williams County Committee for School District Annexations, Dissolutions, and Reorganizations. Hearings are only held as needed and typically occur in the Williams County Administration Building. Hearings may involved testimony from those for and against your Annexation Petition. You are only permitted to speak during the testimony part of the meeting.

Meeting Conduct

  • Cell phones must be off or set to vibrate. If you must take an urgent call, you are asked to leave the room.
  • All testimony is given at the podium. When you come to the podium, please print and sign your name (like you sign a check) and mark whether you are “for” or “against” the petition. Please speak into the microphone because the meeting is being recorded.
  • Speak only to the committee. Do not address anyone in the audience or make comments from the audience during testimony or committee deliberation.
  • Please state only information pertinent to annexation under review. Try to stick to testimony that is new and different. If you do not have something new to add but want to show support sign in, introduce yourself, state your support and ask to entertain any questions the committee may have.
  • Be respectful of other people‚Äôs testimony.
  • Do not talk among yourselves when the committee is in deliberation or during testimony.
  • Address any concerns or clarification by approaching the podium and addressing the committee.
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