Local Equalization Meeting Information

Local Board of Equalization

The township or city board of equalization is responsible for equalizing the assessment role within their jurisdiction. It may change the valuation and assessment of any real property upon the roll by increasing or diminishing the assessed valuation as is reasonable and just in order to make taxation uniform.

During the session of the local board of equalization, any person feeling aggrieved by anything in the assessment roll may apply to the board for the correction of the alleged errors, and the board may correct the errors as it may deem just.

Meeting Date

The Equalization meeting must be held within the first 15 days of April. If your assessor serves multiple jurisdictions, the meeting can be held on any day in April.


Please have an alternate date and time available in case your Assessor is not available. The earlier you call, the better your chances of having your first choice available.

The meeting details must be printed on the notices of increase that are delivered 15 days prior to the meeting to any property owner whose value increased 10% and $3,000 over last year’s valuation.

Notice to be Published

Notice of the meeting must be published in the Official County Newspaper and posted at the normal meeting place at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

If, due to an unforeseen circumstance, a meeting cannot be held on the date advertised, please call our office as there are some additional procedures, which will allow more time.

Alternative Meeting Settings

If you prefer to not meet in person, several alternatives are available to your township or city.

  1. Conference call
    A conference call-in number is available through the County. Your Assessor will open the call from our office and board members and the public can dial in. You may also utilize group calling from a board member’s cell phone.
  2. Zoom/Google Meet/etc. web conference
    Use what you are comfortable with. The County utilizes Webex for online conferences. Attendees can also join by phone. If you choose Webex, your Assessor will set up the meeting and board members and the public can login or call.

If you choose one of these alternative methods, the phone number and/or login information must be published in your meeting notice.

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