FAQ Topic: Property Taxes

How do I apply for the Veterans Credit?

To receive the Disabled Veterans Credit, you must meet the eligibility requirements, submit an application, and provide proper military service documentation to the Assessor’s Office. For more information and an application, please visit the Property Tax Credits and Exemptions webpage.

What properties does Williams County have in tax foreclosure?

Every year in November Williams County holds a public tax foreclosure sale to auction off properties that have not paid their property taxes in the past three years. About a month prior to the sale the list of properties will be made available on the Tax Foreclosure page.

How do I find out about delinquent property tax?

To find out if your mobile home or property taxes are delinquent, check online or call the Treasurer’s Office at 701-577-4530. If you are looking for a list of delinquent properties to be included in the annual Tax Foreclosure Sale, please visit the Tax Foreclosure webpage.

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