FAQ Topic: Burn Ban

How is the Fire Danger Rating determined?

The North Dakota Fire Danger Rating is a broad scale assessment that is issued each morning at approximately 6:45 CST during fire season by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). The fire season is typically from April 1st to October 31st. The USFS calculates the Fire Danger Rating using grassland fuel moisture, forecast temperature, humidity, wind … Continued

Can I use my grill or fire table when the burn ban is in effect?

Device controlled fires, such as those from a grill, fire table, or gas camp stove, are not addressed under the burn ban, but the operator should always practice proper fire prevention. They should be located on a hard, non-organic surface at least 15 feet away from vegetation and a fire extinguisher or water should be … Continued

Can I have a campfire when the burn ban is in effect?

Campfires, even if they are in a fire ring, are *not* permitted when the Williams County Burn Ban is in effect. For more information about the Burn Ban, please visit the Burning in Williams County webpage. There may be additional localized restrictions, so it is always best to contact your local fire district for more … Continued

When is the burn ban in effect?

A Fire Emergency and Automatic Burn Ban is in effect from April 5, 2022, through December 1, 2022, whenever the ND Fire Danger Index is in the VERY HIGH, or EXTREME status and/or a Red Flag Warning has been issued for Williams County. Check the Burning in Williams County webpage for the Fire Danger Rating … Continued

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