When is the burn restriction in effect?

A Fire Emergency and Automatic Burn Restriction is in effect from February 6, 2024, through December 31, 2024, whenever the ND Fire Danger Index is in the VERY HIGH, or EXTREME status and/or a Red Flag Warning has been issued for Williams County. Check the Burning in Williams County webpage for the Fire Danger Rating and Red Flag Warning status. Always check BEFORE you burn!

What is included in the ban?
The restriction includes the ignition of fireworks, garbage burning, campfires, burning of farm or crop land, and unnecessary off-road motorized travel. Burning will be allowed with a Low, Moderate, or High Fire Danger Rating or upon approval of the local fire response authority having jurisdiction over the designated area.

What is not included in the ban?
Device controlled fires, such as those from a grill, fire table, or gas camp stove, are not addressed under the burn ban, but the operator should always practice proper fire prevention. When the Fire Danger Rating is HIGH or greater, the device should be on a hard non-organic surface at least 15 feet away from dry vegetation.

Any individual who willfully violates the Burn Restriction is guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor (NDCC 37- MAXIMUM SENTENCE OF 30 DAYS IN JAIL AND A $1500.00 FINE).

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