Fire Inspections


Annual fire inspections of commercial, industrial, and similar buildings aid in the prevention of emergencies.

The Fire Inspector’s goal is to provide a safe environment for you and your customers by assisting in the prevention of a fire.

The Annual Inspection Service assists the business community in identifying potential and actual fire and safety hazards.

The following are a list of the items the Fire Inspector will look at during the annual inspection:

  1. Exits being maintained and unobstructed
  2. Emergency lighting operates properly
  3. Proper use of extension cords
  4. Combustible and hazardous storage
  5. Exit signs illuminated
  6. Fire Alarm testing and maintenance
  7. Sprinkler System testing and maintenance
  8. Fire extinguisher maintenance
  9. Posting of physical address

We look forward to helping you make your business and customers as safe as possible through compliance with the adopted fire codes.

Williams County is currently under the provisions of the 2021 International Fire Code (IFC) as adopted by the Williams County Board of County Commissioners through Ordinance No. 2023-04-18.

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