Land Use Application Form

All supporting materials must be submitted at the time of application. Additional information requested by the Planning Division may be sent by mail or e-mail. No application will be processed or scheduled for a public hearing if it is incomplete. If the applicant is a corporation, LLC, an attorney, realtor or someone other than the owner, the name of the application shall remain consistent throughout the supporting materials submitted.

Please provide the following information with your application:

  • Application review fee,
  • Site plan,
  • Plat or survey (when request is associated with a subdivision or subdivision exemption),
  • Copies of state permits if applicable,
  • Signature Authorization – If the applicant is a representative of the property owner, a
    notarized statement authorizing the representative to act as an agent of the property
  • Any information necessary to help us better understand your project.

The completed application and all supporting materials can be returned via email, by physical mail, or in person to the Development Services office. For more information, visit the Planning and Zoning Process webpage.

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