Community Grant Program – Project Assistance Grants

About the Program

*Applications are no longer being accepted for 2023*

Grant Program Overview

In 2023, the Williams County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is pleased to make a total of $800,000 in Project Assistance Grants available through its Community Grant Program. A maximum of $800,000 is available across two grant funding cycles for the purpose of financially assisting community projects that have a public purpose and aim to improve quality of life, preserve historic sites, buildings or artifacts, fulfill an essential community need (e.g., daycare, recreation), and enhance community programming in Williams County. Applications must be completed in their entirety to be eligible for consideration.

Cycle 1: $500,000 Cycle 2: $300,000
Application open: January 18, 2023
Application deadline: 5 pm CT on February 22, 2023
Award date: March 21, 2023
Application open: August 1, 2023
Application deadline: 5 pm CT on September 12, 2023
Award date: October 17, 2023


Only one application is permitted per business or organization. The application may contain several types of expenses and the total amount requested in any application may not exceed $100,000. Expenses can be incurred over a multi-year period, subject to approval by the BOCC and as stated in awardee’s written agreement with Williams County, and subject to the maximum annual request of $100,000.  Additionally, the Applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a public, for-profit, or non-profit entity that has a business license to conduct its operations in the state of North Dakota
  • If an entity required by law to be registered with the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Office to conduct business in the State of North Dakota, then the entity must be duly registered and be in good standing at the time an application is submitted and remain in good standing throughout the term of the grant and any reporting period
  • If a property owner in Williams County, must be current on real property taxes incurred in Williams County and must be in compliance with applicable Williams County Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations, and amendments thereto
  • Must be requesting grant funds for costs that have not yet been incurred as of the date the grant is awarded
  • Must be requesting financial assistance for a project located, or to be located, in Williams County and which serves or benefits the inhabitants and residents of Williams County
  • Must be able to enter into a written agreement with Williams County, subject to terms and conditions acceptable to Williams County, to receive and expend the funds
  • Must complete application in its entirety to be eligible for consideration
  • Ability to accept electronic transfers is preferred

Grant Award Details

Any grant of money must be for a public purpose. A public purpose has as its objective the promotion of the public health, safety, morals, general welfare, security, prosperity, and contentment of all inhabitants and residents within Williams County, or other purpose determined by the Board to be a public purpose.

Below is a list of acceptable and unacceptable uses of Project Assistance grant funds. Any expense not specifically listed under acceptable uses, unless specifically listed as an unacceptable use, may still be eligible for a grant award, but the proposed use must be for a public purpose and the decision to include the expense will be at the discretion of the BOCC. In addition, whether a particular expense falls within a certain category of acceptable uses or unacceptable uses will be at the sole discretion of Williams County.

Categories of Acceptable Uses

  • Expenses related to constructing a new building or facility, expanding or renovating an existing building or facility, or changing the use or purpose of an existing building or facility
  • Expenses related to conducting or hosting a community event
  • Expenses related to conducting or enhancing community, recreational, or educational programming
  • Improvements to a public building or property (e.g., a public street or road, public facility, park, or cemetery, other improvement for the good of the public, or directly associated infrastructure)
  • Beautification project

Categories of Unacceptable Uses

  • Expenses related to fuel, vehicles (rental, purchase, maintenance, repairs), flights, hotels, transportation, and travel-related incidentals
  • Projects, programs, events, services, or expenses that do not have a public purpose as determined by Williams County
  • Any expense determined by Williams County as not being an Acceptable Use
  • Expenses that have already been incurred prior to submission of application

Distribution of Grant Funds to Awardees

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon by Williams County, any grant funds not disbursed to awardee by December 31, 2023, for expenses that were expected to be, or actually, incurred in 2023 will be redistributed by the BOCC for grants or for distribution or disposition for any other public purpose of Williams County.
  • Extensions may be requested by the awardee to be presented to the BOCC for consideration; any extensions approved by the BOCC will be documented as a written amendment to the original agreement between Williams County and the awardee.
  • Grant funds will be disbursed based on terms agreed to by Williams County and the awardee.
  • Grant funds will be disbursed by Williams County in the same manner as vendors are paid.

Accountability and Demonstrated Impact

Within 30 days and one year of the completion of the project, the awardee must submit an Impact Statement to the BOCC stating the impact project or expense had on the Williams County community, including the inhabitants and residents of Williams County. In addition to the Impact Statements, a project or expense involving construction of a building or facility will also require progress reports based on the construction timeline (e.g., if construction is anticipated to last two years, a progress report every 6 months will be required). A template for the Impact Statement and the progress report, if a progress report is required, will be provided by Williams County. Awardee must be compliant with the summary and/or progress report schedule, and criteria set forth above in submitting an application, to remain in good standing with the grant award and receive, or continue to receive, reimbursement for expenses.


It is the responsibility of each awardee to determine the impact of a grant award on their finances and tax status. Williams County will provide a 1099 at the end of each year.

Application Review Process

  1. Administrative Review: The Williams County Community Engagement Coordinator will review each application to ensure its completeness and verify that the basic eligibility requirements are met.
  2. Application Dissemination: Eligible and ineligible applications will be forwarded to the BOCC and the Williams County Finance Committee for review. Applications will be reviewed and discussed during regular Finance Committee meetings.
  3. Recommendation: The Finance Committee will provide a recommendation of awardees and the amount of funding to each awardee to the BOCC.
  4. Final Decision: The BOCC will make the final decision of awardees and the amount of funding to each awardee at a regular BOCC Meeting.

Application Review Committee (Williams County Finance Committee)

  • Steve Kemp, Williams County Commissioner
  • David Montgomery, Williams County Commissioner
  • Kristi Hanson, Williams County Finance Director
  • Beth M. Innis, Williams County Auditor
  • Patti Ogurchak, Williams County Treasurer/Recorder
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