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Williams County Sales Tax Extension

June 2024

About the Sales Tax Extension

On the June 11 Primary Election ballot, electors voted for an extension of the County's 1% sales tax (59% yes, 41% no). Revenue will be used by Williams County and the City of Williston for three distinct purposes: (1) Public Safety, (2) Behavioral and Rural Health, and (3) Quality of Life.

Since April 2015, Williams County has collected a 1% sales tax, which has been an essential revenue source for the 18 public safety agencies that serve visitors and residents of Williams County. Funds have also been used to expand behavioral health services in an effort to reduce the impact on first responders and increase access to services in the County. The tax has funded major building projects, provided for updated and new life-saving equipment and apparatuses, and closed the weather radar gap for northwestern North Dakota.

Ballot Language

Williams County Measure No. 1

Shall the Williams County Board of County Commissioners be authorized to extend the current one percent (1.00%) sales and use tax being imposed throughout Williams County for ten (10) years beginning April 1st, 2025 to be dedicated as follows:

  • Public safety (supplemental funding to public safety departments and agencies)
  • Sports, recreation and community facilities
  • Behavioral and rural health programs and facilities
  • Capital improvements to enhance social and economic vitality in Williams County

Such sales and use tax revenues may be pledged to the payment of bonds issued for such purposes in anticipation of the collection and receipt of such sales and use tax, and if so pledged, the sales and use tax may not be repealed so long as any such bonds or bonds refunding the bonds are outstanding.

Yes - Means you approve the measure as summarized above

No - Means you reject the measure as summarized above

Sales Tax Distribution: April 2025 - March 2035

Tax Purpose Percentage Est. Average Annual Revenue Est. 10 Year Total
City of Williston 50% $12,000,000 $120,000,000
Public Safety 40% $10,800,000 $108,000,000
Quality of Life 10% $1,200,000 $12,000,000
Williams County 50% $12,000,000 $120,000,000
Behavioral & Rural Health 2% $480,000 $4,800,000
Rural Public Safety  17% $4,080,000 $40,800,000
Quality of Life 31% $7,440,000 $74,400,000
Total 100% $24,000,000 $240,000,000
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Behavioral & Rural Health

With an extension of the sales tax, 2% of revenue will be dedicated to funding continued expansion of behavioral and rural health services. Williams County has built a foundation for enhancing behavioral health through the Williams County Behavioral Health Grant Program.

Rural Public Safety

If the sales tax is extended, Williams County will continue to contribute a portion of revenue (17%) to rural public safety agencies for operational and capital needs, including equipment replacement and training.

Quality of Life

In 2023, Williams County commissioned a Quality of Life Strategic Study to analyze the baseline inventory of current meeting/gathering/recreation spaces, evaluate local demand and execute a wider market analysis to understand facility utilization and operational sustainability, today and for the future. The Executive Summary provides information and insight into the process and future development opportunities. If the extension is passed, continued community input and collaboration will be needed to finalize project plans.

Between the City of Williston and Williams County, 41% of sales tax revenue will be dedicated to Quality of Life Projects:

Project Percentage Avg. Annual 10 Yr Total
Agricultural Programming and Meeting Complex 7% $1,680,000 $16,800,000
Livestock/Equestrian Arena with Stall Barns/Warm-up Space 6% $1,440,000 $14,400,000
Year-round Indoor Ice Facility 5% $1,200,000 $12,000,000
Community Projects throughout Williams County 13% $3,120,000 $31,200,000
Williams County Quality of Life Total 31% $7,440,000 $74,400,000
City of Williston Quality of Life A minimum of $1 million will be allocated per year for indoor ice and convention space; a minimum of $200,000 will be allocated per year for community projects throughout the City of Williston.
City of Williston Quality of Life Total 10%  $1,200,000 $12,000,000 
Total Quality of Life 41% $8,640,000 $86,400,000

*Note: Per ND Century Code 11-09.1-05.1, local sales tax dollars cannot be expended directly on School District infrastructure

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