Williams County Announces Behavioral Health Grant Awards

Posted on April 6, 2021

The Williams County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is pleased to make available a total of $1 million dollars in one-time grants for the purposes of adding, enhancing, and increasing behavioral health services in Williams County. The grant program is funded by the County’s net proceeds from the 1% Public Safety Sales Tax.

In response to the grant, Williams County received 19 applications totaling $7,274,674.58 in funding requests.

During the April 6, 2021, County Commission Meeting, the Commissioners approved an additional $1.118 million in grant funding from the County Reserve Fund for a total of $2.118 million to be awarded for the purpose of funding behavioral health in Williams County.

The following organizations received awards:

  • Chatter Pediatric Therapy
  • Eckert Youth Homes
  • Montgomery Counseling Services
  • Katie Shannon LICSW-LLC
  • Volk Human Services
  • Prizm Company

Funding was also allocated for the Sheriff’s Office to pursue behavioral health programming in the Correctional Center.

For more information about the awardees, visit the Behavioral Health Grant Program page.

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