FAQ Topic: Payments & Taxes

When are my property taxes due?

Real Estate Taxes Annual real estate taxes are mailed mid-December each year. The payment of taxes is divided into two equal payments, but if taxes are paid in full on or before February 15th, you will receive a 5% discount on the consolidated tax. Postmarked dates are accepted when figuring payment dates for taxes. The … Continued

Where can I find a copy of my property tax bill?

Your most recent tax bill can be accessed and downloaded by visiting iTax, our online property tax system. If you have questions about your tax bill, please contact the Treasurer’s Office. Search by your parcel number, name, OR address. On your property record page, click “Show Current Tax Bill” in the center of the page. … Continued

Where can I find the payoff balance for the Special Assessments on my property?

To find out the payoff balance for city special assessments, please contact the City directly. The payoff balance for special assessments managed by Williams County can be found using the iTax system. First, search for your property. Then, on the property record page, select “Detail” in the center box titled “Taxes.” The table will show … Continued

What is a mill levy?

A “mill” is simply 1/1000th of anything. Mills are used to calculate property taxes. Williams County calculates the “mills” based on budgets determined by each taxing district in the county. Learn more about mill levies in Williams County on the Mill Levy Information webpage.

Why does my property tax bill go up or down?

Both the value of the mill AND the number of mills can affect your tax bill. If the same number of mills are on your tax statement this year as there were last year, but your home’s value increased by 5%, your tax bill will rise by 5% as well. Learn about how your property … Continued

Does my zoning district affect my taxes?

The zoning of your property does not affect or impact property taxes. Zoning determines the allowable uses of the property, but zoning itself does not factor into the property value assessment that determines property taxes.

Where can I find property information?

Williams County provides historical and current property information such as valuations, taxes, structure details, etc. Learn more on the Property Information page.

How do I apply for the Homestead Credit?

To receive the Homestead Credit, you must meet the eligibility requirements and submit an application with the Assessor’s Office by February 1st each year. For more information and an application, please visit the Property Tax Exemptions and Credits webpage.

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