What information is needed to apply for a building permit?

The following documents are required when submitting a Building Permit Application:

  • Parcel ID Number (PIN): 14-digit number unique to every parcel. Use this map or search this database to find your PIN.
  • Project Valuation: Total cost of the project including materials and labor. This does not include the cost of the land.
  • Legal Description: Township, Range, Section, and Quarter Description; Include block and lot number if located within a subdivision.
  • Physical Address: If the project site has not been assigned an address, one will be assigned when the permit is issued.
  • Contractor: The contractor must be licensed in North Dakota. The owner can be listed as the contractor for residential projects.
  • Building Plans: Plans must be legible, drawn to scale, and show conformance to the applicable North Dakota state building codes. Each set should include:
    • Foundation Plan: Show dimensions, anchor bolts, any hold-down types and locations, connection details, vent size and location, location and size of crawl space access
    • Floor Plan: Show dimensions, room identification, window type and size, location of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, water heater, furnace, ventilation fans, plumbing fixtures, balconies and decks, location and construction details for stairs and handrails
    • Elevation Plan: Front, rear and side elevations of the proposed structure
  • Site Plan: Show what structures already exist on the property and the proposed structure. The site plan must show the following:
    • North arrow
    • Footprint of proposed and existing structures
    • Lot and building dimensions
    • Setback dimensions for the following: building(s) to property lines, building to building, building to road(s)
    • Driveway location
  • Grading and Drainage Plan
    • Additionally, a Storm Water Management Plan and Hydrology Report may be required for commercial projects.
  • Township Application: Some townships require a separate application. Contact the township to see if this is a requirement. Find Township information here. <insert link>
  • Copy of Septic Permit Application from the Upper Missouri District Health Unit
  • Copy of Electrical Permit Application from the Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative
  • Copy of Water Supplier Agreement from Williams County Rural Water

Note: Commercial Projects require a North Dakota licensed engineer to sign and seal the plans. Additionally, commercial projects in excess of 5,000ft2 require a North Dakota licensed Architect signature and seal.

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