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Effective 12:15pm (CST) 6/16/24 – Oversize travel restriction removed

Effective 12:15pm (CST) 6/16/24 – Williams County has removed the “no oversized” restriction from all Williams County and township gravel and chip seal roads.  Restrictions are now back to the “normal” restrictions.  If you have questions on restrictions, please see the weight restriction map at our website,   Effective immediately, 6/16/24, all Williams County … Continued

UPDATE 2/13/24 – 11:00AM (CST) Stony Creek Township Road Restriction Lifted

Effective 11:00AM (CST) 2/13/2024 – Stony Creek Township Roads will return to the normal restriction of By Legal Weight. If you have any questions about restrictions, please refer to the Williams County weight restriction map on the Williams County website –, Or contact Stony Creek Township. Effective immediately, 9:25am (CST), 2/5/24 – Stony Creek … Continued

9/6/23 – 112th Ave NW 6 ton restriction lifted

Effective immediately, 9/6/23, 112th Ave NW – from 68th St NW north to 70th St NW (2 miles), the 6 ton axle weight restriction has been lifted,  this 2 miles of road will be restricted “by legal weight”, 105,500 LBS GVW.

6/23/2023 – County Road 6 Road Closure

Effective Monday, 6/26/2023 at 7AM (CST) until Tuesday, 6/27/2023 at 5PM (CST). BNSF Railroad will be closing Co 6/57th LN NW from Co 11 (129th Ave NW) East to 128th Ave NW for repairs on the railroad crossing. Detour signs will be in place.

6/13/23 – 125th Ave NW Road Closure

Effective immediately – 125th Ave NW from CR 12 (75th St NW) north 2 miles to 77th St NW is closed due to the bridge being out.  This road will remain closed until further notice.

5/15/23 – 11:15AM (CST) restriction update – seasonal restrictions

Effective immediately, 11:15am (CST), 5/15/23 – Williams County is lifting the 6 ton axle weight restriction – AND – the frost restrictions for all county and township roads.  Restrictions will return to regular “seasonal” road restrictions – unless the road is otherwise posted.   The seasonal weight restriction map can be found here.

Effective 6:15AM (CST) 5/15/23 – 6 TON AXLE WEIGHT GVW RESTRICTION

Effective immediately – 5/15/23, 6:15am (CST) – Williams County is restricting all county and township gravel and chip seal roads to the 6-ton axle weight limit, total gross weight of 80,000 LBS. due to the moisture received causing roads to be tender. Frost permits are “NOT” valid at this time. Roads will continue to be … Continued

5/5/2023- Effective Immediately – 102nd Ave NW – REOPENED

5/5/2023 – EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATLEY – DRY FORK TOWNSHIP HAS REOPENED 102ND AVE NW (BEAVER BAY ROAD) FROM HWY 1804 SOUTH 3 MILES. THE ROAD HAS BEEN REPAIRED.     4/30/23, 4:30pm (CST) – Dry Fork Township is closing 102nd Ave NW – Beaver Bay Road) from Hwy 1804 south 3 miles due to culvert problems and … Continued

4/25/23 – 3:00pm (CST) – Effective immediately CR 19 Re-opened

4/25/23 – 3:00pm (CST) – Effective immediately – Williams County has re-opened CR 19 (80th St NW) from 114th Ave NW east 1 mile to 113th Ave NW.  The culvert repairs have been completed.   4/24/23 – 3:10pm (CST) – Effective immediately, Williams County is closing CR 19 (80th St NW) from 114th Ave NW … Continued

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