Adulticide Treatments | WCVCD | 6/26/24 – 7/3/24

Posted on June 26, 2024

UPDATE 7/1/2024: The WCVCD was able to complete an aerial treatment on Saturday, June 29, over City of Williston zones and Trenton. An additional aerial treatment over the City of Williston zones will most likely occur on Wednesday, July 3, weather and conditions permitting.

The WCVCD will conduct ground adulticide treatments for City of Williston Zones 2 and 4 in the evening hours of Monday, July 1, beginning after 10 pm, weather and conditions permitting.


6/26/2024: The Williams County Vector Control District (WCVCD) will conduct a ground adulticide treatment in and around Trenton today, June 26, 2024, after dusk, weather and conditions permitting. Residents are reminded to please stay at least 300 feet away from a Vector Control truck while it is fogging.

The WCVCD will attempt aerial adulticide treatments over the City of Williston between Friday, June 28, 2024, and Wednesday, July 3, 2024. Based on the current weather forecast, treatment will most likely occur on Saturday, June 29. Exact treatment dates will depend on weather, trap counts, and overall conditions. Aerial adulticide treatments typically begin after dusk. Updates, as they are available, will be posted on this page.

The WCVCD uses Zenivex E20 for adult mosquito control treatments (adulticides), which contains the active ingredient Etofenprox. Zenivex E20 is a product approved for use in residential areas by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To avoid mosquito bites, residents are advised to take extra precautions when spending time outdoors during the hours of dusk to dawn. Wearing long sleeve tight knit shirts and long pants, limiting time outdoors during these times, and using a mosquito repellent such as DEET, Picardin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus are good actions to take to prevent bites. Residents can help prevent mosquito re-population by eliminating standing water on their property.

For more information about Vector Control, visit their webpage.

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