2020 Census Results

About the Results

The U.S. Census Bureau released the 2020 Census results on Thursday, August 12, 2021 for local entities. The datasets are referred to as "Redistricting Data" as these are the data that will be used to redistrict on state and local levels. Census data were collected from mid-March 2020 until mid-October 2020. Participants were to complete the Census for the address where they were living as of April 1, 2020.

Details from the Williams County 2020 Census count can be found below. To access the raw data, please visit the Decennial Census Redistricting Data page. For quick statistical information, including additional demographic information, please visit the U.S. Census Bureau's Quick Facts website.

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Local Results


Name2010 Total Population2020 Total PopulationDifference
Williams County22,39840,950+18,552

Source: 2020 Census


Name2010 Total Population2020 Total PopulationDifference


Name2010 Total Population2020 Total PopulationDifference
Athens Township2248+26
Barr Butte Township1129+18
Big Meadow Township2716-11
Big Stone Township3128-3
Blacktail Township6287+25
Blue Ridge Township3531-4
Bonetraill Township1740+23
Brooklyn Township27358
Buford Township74116+42
Bull Butte Township1311-2
Champion Township1638+22
Climax Township119-2
Cow Creek Unorg. Township1722+5
Dry Fork Township4250+8
Dublin Township1513-2
East Fork Township1825+7
Ellisville Township1440+26
Equality Township4683+37
Farmvale Township3727-10
Golden Valley Unorg. Township1940+21
Good Luck Township2640+14
Grenora Township822+14
Hardscrabble Township86100+14
Hazel Township2147+26
Hebron Township3445+11
Judson Township130333+203
Lindahl Township4543-2
Marshall Township51598
Missouri Ridge Township4961,504+1,008
Mont Township4598+53
New Home Township54-1
Oliver Township810+2
Orthell Township1216+4
Pherrin Township276825+549
Pleasant Valley Township121180+59
Rainbow Township148-6
Rock Island Township08+8
Round Prairie Township118431+313
Sauk Valley Township6077+17
Scorio Township3761+24
South Meadow Township7835-43
Southeast Williams Unorg. Township
(Includes Nesson Valley, Hofflund, and Unorganized Township)
Springbrook Township67212+145
Stony Creek Township558761+203
Strandahl Township2031+11
Tioga Township10487-17
Trenton Township541648+107
Truax Township190243+53
Twelve Mile Township74117+43
Tyrone Township3353+20
View Township3236+4
West Bank Township5281+29
Wheelock Township7251-21
Williston Township1,3071086-221
Winner Township2425+1
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