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Weed Spotlight: Narrowleaf Hawksbeard

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Narrowleaf hawksbeard is a winter annual weed that is a serious competitor of crops in western North Dakota crops, especially pulse crops. NLHB emerges primarily in the fall but can also emerge in the spring. However, fall-emerging plants are the most competitive and most difficult to control in the spring. Effective control of fall- emerged plants minimizes yield loss and spreading by seed. There are not effective chemical control options for controlling NLHB post emergence in pulse crops. Control with fall and early spring burndowns herbicides are required.

Potential impact: Under ideal conditions one plant can produce almost 50,000 seeds. Growers have observed NLHB in small areas one year and then almost complete cover the next year.
Seeds blow easily in the wind and can spread quickly. One grower reported that dry pea yield was reduced by 65% in a heavily infested field. NLHB can be seen growing on field perimeters, along roadsides, and fence lines. These plants should be controlled to prevent seed from spreading into the field.
 If anyone sees this weed, alert the County Weed Control Officer immediately at 701-580-1628.

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