Williston Vector Control District

A Message from the Director

June 14, 2019

As we move into the mosquito season, residents are asked to police their properties for anything capable of holding water and therefore serving as a mosquito hatchery. These could include toys, storage totes, buckets, plugged rain gutters, and tires.

The warming weather will bring with it more mosquitoes and among them, C. tarsalis, the West Nile Virus mosquito. Though the virus has not been detected here yet this year, the mosquito is beginning to show up in our traps, so residents are urged to practice caution such as wearing long sleeves and using repellents when out after sundown.

We have been aerial spraying with larvicides along the rivers and soon we will be adulticiding over the towns as well. Aerial larviciding is carried out during daytime hours and is always over water, while adulticiding takes place at night, typically beginning at sundown.

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Our Mission:

Decreasing the presence of vector and nuisance mosquitoes to prevent vector borne disease transmission and increasing the quality of life for people in the region.    

Vector Control Board

DirectorFran Bosch

ChairmanJerry Hahn

TreasurerCharles Wilder

SecretaryBrom Lutz

MemberGeorge Pederson

MemberWayne Anderson, M.D.

206 East Broadway
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