Wildland Fires
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North Dakota records approximately 1,800 fire incidents each year. Fires within the state are classified as urban fires or wildland fires. Major causes of urban fires include electrically related structural and vehicle fires, incendiary-arson, unattended cooking fires, smoking materials, heating devices, fuel systems, sparks, hazardous material spills, and spontaneous combustion.

Major sources of wildland fires include lightning, inadequate measures for controlled burns, smoking, and sparks from farm machinery and trains. Fires in areas of high fuel content, if not quickly detected and suppressed, can rapidly flare out of control, threaten lives and cause major damage to habitat, crops, livestock, wildlife, and structural property.

Local (city/county/tribal) jurisdictions may institute burn bans, in accordance with the fire danger index, if conditions require. Information about the Williams County Burn Ban and open burning can be found here.

North Dakota Fire Danger Rating

The current ND Fire Danger Rating information and Fire Weather Forecasts, including Red Flag Warnings, can be found on the National Weather Service website or on the ND Response website.

The ND Fire Danger Rating is issued each morning during fire season, typically April 1 to October 31. Although not very often, there are times when weather conditions that develop during the day result in a change to fire conditions. It is critical that you verify the current Fire Danger Rating and local burn ban restrictions BEFORE burning and participating in outdoor activities.


Fire Weather Watches, Warnings, and Forecasts
Interagency Dispatch Center
ND Fire Marshal
ND Forest Service


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