Contacting an Inmate
Notice (10/2/2019):  The Williams County Correctional Center is excited to announce new on-site and remote visitation capabilities for our inmates and their friends and family. Since we have been experiencing issues with our current system since May, we trust that the new system will be a vast improvement. The new equipment is expected to be installed within the next week and it is set to go live on October 10th. As we get closer to this date, we will be shutting down the old system in order to transition to the new one. As a result, visitation will be canceled for October 8th and October 10th

If you wish to participate in visitation with an inmate in the future, please visit for information on all the communication options available and to set up your visitor account and profile. Thank you for your patience as we work to make improvements to our facility!

Contacting an Inmate
Visiting Hours 035WillIMG_2625.jpg
  • Visiting hours are on the Tuesday and Thursday of every week from 1:00-3:00 PM. Individuals interested in visiting an inmate will come in the Visitation door of the Law Enforcement Center (located on the north side of the building at 223 E Broadway.) Parking is available.
Leaving a Voice Mail
  • The general public can leave a brief voice message for an inmate by dialing 701-774-7956 and following the instructions.
  • For sending mail to an inmate please put inmate's full name, C/O WCCC, 223 East Broadway, Suite 302, Williston, ND 58801
  • Please note the following restrictions regarding what can be mailed: No cash or two party checks, no care packages (clothing, commissary, and hygiene products are already provided to inmates), any received non-approved items will be placed in inmate's property and will be available upon their release. 

Verlan Kvande   - Sheriff

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