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*Census data collection will conclude on October 15, 2020.*

What is the 2020 Census?United States Census 2020 Vector.png

The U.S. Constitution requires a census of the entire country and everyone living here every 10 years. 

It counts every person living in the U.S. once, and only once, and in the right place. The Census questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete.
Why does the Census ask what they do?

Self-response (online, by mail, or by phone) to the Census questionnaire will begin in Mid-March of 2020. Census counts are delivered to the President by December 31, 2020. 

Results from the Census are confidential; your answers can only be used to produce statistics. These statistics are used for determining how many seats in the House of Representatives each state gets, boundaries for state and congressional legislative districts, for distributing federal funds, and much more. 

The Census is used in a variety of ways:
  • to design facilities for people with disabilities, the elderly, or children
  • to plan future government services
  • to attract new businesses
  • to plan for locations of faith-based organizations
  • to make business decisions
  • and much more! 50 ways census data are used

Below are several resources to help you learn more about the Census and how you can be a part of this important initiative.

Wait...why is this important?

Information Safety and Confidentiality

Responding to the Census

Want to join the Williams County Complete Count Committee to help get the word out about the Census in our community? Email to get added to the contact list.

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