2024 Tourism Grant Application

Before you get started

  • Please read the entirety of program information prior to submitting an application.  *Note that the project must be located, or the event must be taking place, outside of the city limits of the City of Williston, but within Williams County*
  • If you would like to save the progress on your application and complete at a later time, there is an option to "Save and Continue" at the end of the application. Be sure to acknowledge the Consent statement and complete the CAPTCHA prior to saving! Not doing so may result in the link not generating correctly.
  • Applications are due by 9 am CT on Monday, March 25.

Questions or need the application in a different format? Ask us!

Note: Completed application and materials become an open public record once submitted to Williams County, unless deemed confidential or exempt, in whole or in part, by North Dakota statute. Confidential information and, at the discretion of the public entity, exempt information, as defined by ND statute, is not an open public record. If any confidential information, as defined by ND statute, is provided, please indicate accordingly.

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