Annexation Information for Petitioners

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If your lot and other adjoining (touching) lots are contiguous (roads do not count when you consider if they are touching) to the school district you want to be annexed into, you may attempt to annex into that district by filling out the annexation petition.  You should use your legal description on the petition and not your 911 address.  Include a name of a child going to be school age in the upcoming school year and that lives in the petitioned area on the petition.  Put together a list of all children ages 0-17 with a list of their name, date of birth and if school age what school are attending and their address.   

You will need to provide the names of all qualified electors living in the area to be annexed.  A qualified elector is a US citizen that is 18 years or older and has been living in a residence on the petitioned property.  It must be your primary residence or where you live at least 51% of the time.

My office will need contact information such as your phone or cell number, email address, and physical address.  I may have questions for you during the process.

My office will need to know if you have talked to the school districts involved and if a tuition agreement or open enrollment is an option.

All of this information is needed and then the petition (SFN 17811) will be completed and reviewed by the Williams County Superintendent of Schools and Williams County Annexation Technician.  You can complete the petition yourself but is helpful to work with the office so it is correct.  You have to sign the petition with a signature in ink and it is helpful if you print your name after your signature so it is legible.  If there is more than one lot involved, you will need 2/3rds of the people living in the area to sign the petition but it is helpful if you have 100%.  (NDCC 15.1-12-05-03)

It will take approximately one month to schedule the meeting and hearing at the county level.  The legal notice has to be in the paper 14 days prior to the meeting in the official newspaper of the county.  Most schools in Williams County use the Williston Herald.  They need at least 4 days and sometimes more depending on weekends and holidays to print the legal advertisement.  (NDCC 15.1-12-05-01)

The local hearing is held at the courthouse and a decision is given that day by the Williams County Reorganization Committee.  During the local hearing, if the school district you are annexing out of has a bond issue, you may be required to pay the new school district’s taxes and the taxes of the bond from the former district.  You may ask this prior to the meeting.  The minutes and all documentary evidence is written up and sent to the North Dakota State Board of Public School Education in Bismarck, ND, which must give the final approval.  Other paperwork may include a map, minutes, agenda, sign in sheet, and the required information all done by the William’s County Annexation Technician.  The State Board meeting will be taped and they may have a hearing where you would be required to testify, or they may decide to make a decision without holding an additional hearing and you would not be allowed to testify.

All annexations become effective July 1st of the following year upon approval by the State Board.  
Any questions please call 577-4580.

Deb Kemp
Williams County Annexation Technician