Beer & Liquor Licenses

The following must be completed to obtain a beer or liquor license from Williams County:

  1. Must be located outside of a corporate city limit.
  2. Property of proposed liquor establishment cannot have property taxes owing.
  3. Township consent form must be signed by the township.
  4. Required Fire Inspection by Williams County Fire Marshall.     
  5. Annual fee for Beer License:  $500.00 (No Sunday opening).
  6. Annual fee for Liquor License: $1,000.00 (No Sunday opening).
  7. Annual fee for Beer License with Sunday opening: $760.00.
  8. Annual fee for Liquor License with Sunday opening: $1,260.00.
  9. Annual fee for Beer/Wine License: $1,500.00 (No Sunday opening).     
  10. Annual fee for Beer/Liquor License: $1,500.00 (No Sunday opening).   
  11. Annual fee for Beer/Wine License: $2,020.00 with Sunday opening.
  12. Annual fee for Beer/Liquor License: $2,020.00 with Sunday opening.

After receiving County License, you must also License with the State of North Dakota.

Special Liquor Permit (available only through a Williams County licensee) is $25.00.

Licenses are valid for the calendar year and are renewable.

Beth M. Innis   - Auditor

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206 E Broadway
PO Box 2047
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(701) 577-4500
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